Two Songs, Same Title: Which Is Better? (POLL)

Ever scroll through songs on your iPod and notice two tracks by different artists that have the same title? They’re not covers, just a case of great minds thinking alike.

Take Keith Urban’s “A Little Bit of Everything,” released earlier this week. It’s got the same title as a 2011 song by California band Dawes. Obviously, there are tons of these pairings throughout recorded music (or even just throughout your iTunes library). But we’ve matched some of our favorites against each other and we’ll let you tell us which versions you think are best.

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Kelly Rowland’s “Dirty Laundry” (2013) vs. Don Henley’s “Dirty Laundry” (1982)

Don Henley’s “Dirty Laundry,” from his first solo album after leaving The Eagles, sarcastically takes a predatory stance on stars’ emotional troubles, with the track’s narrator posed as a callous news reporter. “Dirty Laundry,” the latest single from Kelly Rowland’s upcoming album, Talk a Good Game, sees the former Destiny’s Child member open up about being a victim of jealously, abuse, and depression.

Which Version of “Dirty Laundry” Do You Prefer?

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Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer” (1994) vs. Tegan and Sara’s “Closer” (2012)

Tegan and Sara’s pop-influenced “Closer” was the first single from their most recent album, Heartthrob. The song evokes feelings of innocence and young love, while Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer” leans toward raw sexuality. The video for the 1994 single depicts all types of deviance, but despite those taboos, the track remains one of NIN’s most notable songs.

Which Version of “Closer” Do You Prefer?

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Britney Spears’ “Lucky” (2000) vs. Radiohead’s “Lucky” (1997)

Radiohead’s “Lucky,” a track from their 1997 album OK Computer, features seemingly melancholy lyrics set to a downtempo melody, but easily could be interpreted as an anti-hero’s awakening. On the other hand, Britney Spears’ “Lucky” initially sounds bubbly, but actually tells the story of a young woman who externally has it all yet feels alone and empty inside. Spears’ track hit number one on charts all around the world in 2000, while Radiohead’s song remains a fan favorite and is frequently played on tour.

Which Version of “Lucky” Do You Prefer?

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Wiz Khalifa’s “Wake Up” (2011) vs. Arcade Fire’s “Wake Up” (2005)

Arcade Fire’s “Wake Up” is frequently seen as anthem of sorts, with its choral crescendos and airy melodies. Interpretations of the song vary, but hey, it sounds cool. “Wake Up,” a track on Wiz Khalifa’s Rolling Papers LP, is an anthem for those who’ve worked hard and won. The infectious chorus illustrates not wanting to sleep and miss out on the fruits of your labor.

Which Version of “Wake Up” Do You Prefer?

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Incubus’ “Warning” (2002) vs. The Notorious B.I.G.’s “Warning” (1994)

The Notorious B.I.G.’s “Warning” serves as a cautionary tale for anyone who dared to cross Biggie Smalls. Incubus’ “Warning” serves as a cautionary tale for anyone who lets life’s greatest opportunities slip between their fingers. Biggie’s version was featured on his breakthrough LP, Ready to Die, and is seen as a hip-hop classic. Incubus’ track, from 2001’s Morning View, is a bit of a dark departure on an otherwise ethereal and optimistic album.

Which Version of “Warning” Do You Prefer?

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Robin Thicke’s “I Need Love” (2006) vs. LL Cool J’s “I Need Love” (1987)

Seen as one of rap’s classic slow jams, LL Cool J’s “I Need Love” solidified his heartthrob status and brought forth a tender masculinity that made teenage girls everywhere swoon with desire. Robin Thicke’s “I Need Love,” an album cut from his seminal The Evolution of Robin Thicke, features that lovely falsetto fans fell for in 2006.

Which Version of “I Need Love” Do You Prefer?

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The Black Keys’ “Never Gonna Give You Up” (2010) vs. Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” (1987)

Rick Astley’s 1987 hit “Never Gonna Give You Up” smashed through charts worldwide with its uptempo melody and synth rhythms. The Rickrolling internet meme breathed new life into the single nearly 20 years after its original release. The Black Keys’ bluesy “Never Gonna Give You Up,” an album track from their breakthrough LP Brothers, features vocals that ooze longing and love.

Which Version of “Never Gonna Give You Up” Do You Prefer?

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Maroon 5’s “One More Night” (2012) vs. Phil Collins’ “One More Night” (1984)

Phil Collins’ “One More Night” was one the biggest hits of the ’80s, with its soft drum machine rhythm carrying many lovers into the bedroom. Note to the ’80s babies: Your parents probably got down to this song. Maroon 5’s “One More Night” version has a faster tempo and could easily be the club track you rock out to before the night takes a more intimate turn, despite Adam Levine’s vocals describing wanting to pivot away from his unbelievably desirable lover.

Which Version of “One More Night” Do You Prefer?

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Motley Crue’s “Girls, Girls, Girls” (1987) vs. Jay-Z’s “Girls, Girls, Girls” (2001)

Motley Crue’s “Girls, Girls, Girls” was released at the height of the hair band era and includes shout-outs to the group’s favorite strip clubs. Originally, the single’s video kept it a little too real and featured nude dancers. In Jay-Z’s “Girls, Girls, Girls,” Jigga describes his diverse mix of lovely ladies who apparently serve very distinct roles in his multi-faceted life.

Which Version of “Girls, Girls, Girls” Do You Prefer?

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Common’s “Testify” (2005) vs. Rage Against the Machine’s “Testify” (2000)

Rage Against the Machine’s “Testify” was released during the 2000 presidential election and its video, directed by Michael Moore, touched on various political issues and criticized well-known figures. Common’s “Testify,” from his 2005 album Be, is a bit more subdued, telling the story of a cunning female criminal who’s dramatic court testimony gets her lover sentenced to prison.

Which Version of “Testify” Do You Prefer?

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