First Dibs: Which Clothing Store Is Peddling Knockoff Rihanna Shirts?

Justin Bieber owes thousands to a German animal shelter, Wu-Tang Clan gives us a taste of their new album, and the Backstreet Boys prepare for their massive summer tour.

  • Rihanna is suing British retailer Topshop for selling shirts without her consent that feature her image. Camp Riri apparently tried to negotiate with the chain, but they offered her a measly $5,000 and didn’t seem to care either way. [Bossip]
  • Time is running out for Justin Bieber to retrieve Mally, the singer’s pet monkey, from German officials. The pet was confiscated in March when Bieber tried to enter Germany without the animal’s proper documentation. In addition, the pop star owes thousands of dollars to the facility where Mally’s been cared for during the past few months. [Rolling Stone]
  • The Wu drops a new track and leaves us salivating for more. Read more about their new album have a listen to the song below. [Vibe]

Execution in Autumn by Wu-Tang Clan

  • Since Backstreet is officially, well, back, the pop group talks about their upcoming tour and album. They may have gotten older, but they’ll probably still have tons of screaming fans when they hit the road. [MTV]

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