Amazingly Bad Dancing At Hangout Music Festival Makes The Best GIFs

Everyone knows festivals are a license rock out alone in your bedroom with a hairbrush style to your favorite bands and this year’s Hangout Music Fest was no exception. (No judgement.)

  • The Best Worst Moves At Hangout Fest

  • Peacock Pop-locking

  • Open Mouth Shaka

  • Excited Face Punch

  • Front Row? Don’t Care!

  • Tentative Fist Pumping

  • Headbanging

  • It’s Going Down

  • Dancing Mermaid

  • Shoulder Shuffle

  • Shirtless Two-Step

  • Shaka Shaking

  • Shoulder Dancing Fail

  • Eye-Rolling

Everyone grooved, twerked and fist-pumped their way through three glorious days of electronic dance music from the likes of “Harlem Shake” creator Baauer, rock tunes from big names like The Black Crowes, and hip hop from Kendrick Lamar to Public Enemy.

But we don’t hate, we celebrate over here. So from the bored to the rhythmically challenged, take a look back at our time in Gulf Shores, Alabama through our GIF gallery of ultimate no-holds-barred rump shakers who were too wasted enjoying themselves too much to care what they looked like. We’ll be over here dancing on our own…