Chrissy Teigen Dives Into Macklemore Crowd At Hangout And It’s F***ing Awesome

We know you wish you were in the crowd during Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ amazing high-energy set at Hangout. But we’ve got the next best thing. VH1’s very own Model Employee host Chrissy Teigen got right in the middle of the crowd in the Boom Boom Tent to get an up-close view of one of the most exciting shows on day one of the three-day music festival, inflatable whales and all!

Speaking of floaties, Macklemore almost face-planted off of one. It was very much an “holy, s**t” moment as Chrissy couldn’t help but exclaim when she witnessed the tumble from a few rows back. Luckily, the Seattle emcee was saved from injury thanks to the fast-acting adoring crowd who surfed him safely back to the stage. That’s just the kind of love the audience was eager to send to the “Thrift Shop” headliners.

In return, they got super lively hour-long set (it ran over time), complete with confetti and a moving tribute to marriage equality. “I would say we are in the middle of the biggest civil rights movement of our generation,” Macklemore said in an impassioned speech nearly drowned out by the resounding enthusiasm from fans before the hip hop duo launched into “Same Love.” Preach, brother!

And that was just beginning. The rapper got the crowd further hyped with hit after bass vibrating hit including platinum “Can’t Hold Us.” They really didn’t need to let the beat build after the chorus breakdown. The thousands of packed sunburn fans stomping and clapping and unison was all the accompaniment needed. And our girl Ms. Teigen was right along with the screaming throng. God, we love her!

Check out Macklemore’s sick closing number “Irish Celebration,” plus more live streaming and on-demand performances all weekend long on our Hangout Hub.