Dillon Francis Gets Chrissy Teigen To Wet Her T-Shirt At Hangout Fest

One of the best parts of a beach-side festival like Hangout is having an excuse to dress as creatively half-naked as possible in an attempt to beat the heat while rocking out to your favorite band. We’re talking babes in bikinis and bros in board shorts, people!

Frankly, it gets so hot out here in Gulf Shores, Alabama, people will get wet fully clothed. Long hair? Don’t care.  That must be how rising EDM star Dillon Francis convinced Model Employee host, and correspondent badass, Chrissy Teigen to cool off with a turn on the water slide. Ever the dapper gentleman, a suit-wearing Francis escorted his Hangout “date” to the popular festival cool-off station Elle King hit up yesterday.

Let’s watch that again shall we?

You’re welcome! Wish you were here to enjoy? We do, too. Maybe next year. In the meantime, keep checking out our live stream, on-demand performances and exclusive interview clips with the awesome talent performing on the Hangout Hub all weekend long!