The Top 5 Performances From The Billboard Music Awards (Including Miguel’s Fierce Leg Drop That Almost Killed A Spectator)

The Billboard Music Awards were held at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas this evening and, much like the Grammys, wisely minimized the amount of airtime devoted to acceptance speeches in favor of wall-to-wall performances. Sadly, most of the evening was dominated by artists who, to paraphrase the fairly toasted Kid Rock, were lip-synching to pre-recorded musical tracks. However, the following five performances stood out from the pack and really delivered, demonstrating that the future of music is still shining bright.

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We’ve seen Miguel perform “Adorn” on virtually every television program that has a musical segment, so it wasn’t like there was a totally fresh component to this performance. However, Miguel got “caught up in the moment” and went Hulk Hogan by way of Bob Beamon in front of an audience of millions, nearly decapitating an audience member with a vicious leg drop after a botched long jump attempt. Just take a look at this GIF to witness the brutalness (via Reality TV GIFs):

Whatcha gonna do when MIGUEL runs wild on you?

UPDATE (12:15 a.m.): This video with Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler commentary is making us LOLOLOLOLOLOL (via @akathemaskedman):

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