Major Steals The Shine In His Dad T.I.’s “Hello” Featuring CeeLo

T.I.’s Family Hustle is expanding in a Major way. Pun intended. For the Marc Klasfeld visuals to “Hello” featuring CeeLo he’s brought along the whole clan to star in their very own T.I. style western.

It’s a story of a man taking an unlikely journey that he doesn’t understand in the moment. Along the way he meets some interesting people that’ll all make sense one day. “Just keep going, don’t look back/And look forward from where you’re at/There’s some jealousy in your rear-view/Wave hello, hello, hello,” CeeLo sings.

The single from T.I.’s 2012 Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head is one of the album’s most riveting cuts. But the video is all about his fam, and not to slight any of the other kids, but Major’s shine is blinding! He is truly too cute for words. We couldn’t bypass the opportunity to capture all the screenshots of Major and all of T.I.’s family throughout the video. It’s a lovely life when you can incorporate who you love the most (family) with what you love the most (music). T.I.’s done a hell of a job of it.

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