Why So Glum, Yeezy? The Curse Of KimYe Has Taken Its Toll

You can’t quite put your finger on it, but there’s something going on with Kanye West. Yes, the layers of stress from impending fatherhood and an upcoming album release might be wearing on him, but it appears as though his mood takes a particularly harsh nose-dive when he’s around his glowing significant other, Kim Kardashian.

Agonizing for months, Kanye was at first forced to love Kim from afar. Once her divorce was announced, however, the lovebirds were free to express their deep feelings in public. But being one half of one of the biggest celebrity couples hasn’t been easy for Yeezy, and instead of wearing his heart on his sleeve like he used to, he now wears his disdain on his face.

As you’ll see in the gallery above, the proof is in his miserable expression. We can only hope that the silver lining of this seemingly terrible, horrible, no good, very bad relationship will take a 180-degree turn when their offspring is born, or that Yeezus will be full of tortured genius for us to feast on. Is that selfish?

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[Photo Credit: Splash News/Getty Images]