First Dibs: Which Pop Legend Is Now Officially A Billionaire?

Avril Lavigne chats about big changes in her life, Keith Richards may owe thousands in back library fees, and the Backstreet Boys tell fans what to expect on their upcoming tour.

  • Janet Jackson obviously has accomplished a lot in her years, but she can now flaunt that she’s a billionaire. The pop icon’s assets from touring, record sales, and other projects have added up to a hefty sum. Congrats to Ms. Jackson on her baller status. [Vibe]
  • Avril Lavigne is back with new music and will soon be a wedded woman! Peep the clip below to find out more about what’s on the horizon for the singer-songwriter.
  • The Backstreet Boys aren’t necessarily going the sugar-and-spice route when they hit the road this summer, but their edgier performances will still rock crowds. Find out more about their new tour. [MTV]
  • Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards has had craziness spiraling around him at various points in his life, but now one discretion has come full circle — long overdue library books. It’s estimated the legendary rock star owes about $30,000 in fees. [Huffington Post]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]