Waxing On Mustaches: John Oates Rates Pop Culture’s Most Famous ‘Staches (VIDEO)

John Oates is, of course, best known for the music he wrote and recorded over the years with Daryl Hall, but the amazingly lush mustache he rocked during the ’70s and ’80s might just be his defining trait as an individual. “A good mustache makes a man for many reasons,” he explained to us during a recent visit to VH1 headquarters in Times Square and, as it turns out, he’s quite the connoisseur of cookie dusters. We asked him to critique the effectiveness of some of pop culture’s most famous mustaches of all-time —including Ron Swanson, Magnum P.I., Borat and more!— in the following feature, which we’ve dubbed WAXING ON MUSTACHES WITH JOHN OATES.

  • John Oates Waxing On Mustaches

  • Waxing On Mustaches: Ron Swanson

  • Waxing On Mustaches: Charlie Chaplin

  • Waxing On Mustaches: Borat

  • Waxing On Mustaches: Matthew Broderick

  • Waxing On Mustaches: Rollie Fingers

  • Waxing On Mustaches: Magnum P.I.

  • Waxing On Mustaches: George Clooney

  • John Oates Waxing On Mustaches

  • John Oates Waxing On Mustaches

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[Photo Credit: Getty Images]