Last Lap: Who’s Reportedly Being Courted To Judge American Idol?

Foxy Brown aims to set the record straight, a Psy impostor makes his way around Cannes, and Mary J. Blige deals with tax trouble.

  • Could Bruno Mars be headed to American Idol as a judge? Reports of the show’s shakeup have been rampant for weeks, and the pop singer would probably be a welcome addition to the talent competition. Bring it! [Perez Hilton]
  • K-pop superstar Psy is approaching the news about his impostor with good humor. The “Gangnam Style” artist tweeted that anyone in Cannes fooled by the faker should “say Hi to him.” The impersonator has apparently been living it up during the renowned film festival, getting into parties and schmoozing with celebs. [MTV]
  • Rapper Foxy Brown is defending herself against reports that she recently spread rumors about former mentor Jay-Z’s sex life. Among the more salacious bits, Jigga was said to have STDs and a sex tape floating around. Fox adamantly denies she ever said such things and threatened legal action against any publication attributing false statements to her. [The Hollywood Gossip]
  • R&B songstress Mary J. Blige was hit was a $3.4 million tax lien on her New Jersey home. The singer reportedly also owes back taxes on a home she owns in New York. []

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]