Sad Kanye West Is Sad, Like Really Sad

Maybe it’s pregnant Kim Kardashian. Maybe it’s the thought of a future wedding with said Kardashian. Maybe it’s just all the pressure of a baby coming with the task of finishing an album and going on tour and attending the Met Gala and scraping his car against Kardashian’s house gate and bumping his head into a sign and losing faith in humanity. Or maybe Kanye West is sad for no reason. Either way, he needs to cheer up and take his Debbie Downer face somewhere else. Just kidding. Or am I?

  • The Mrs. Carter World Tour

  • Sad Frog

  • Splash Mountain

  • Ball Pit

  • Kim & Kris’ Wedding

  • Bench

  • Birthday Cake

  • Bonus

  • Bonus

  • Bonus

Still not convinced that Yeezy is sad? Check out the curse of Kimye.

[Photos of Kanye: Getty; Bonus images via Tumblr]