First Dibs: Is There More Legal Trouble For Chris Brown?

Drake’s dad may be way too excited about the rapper’s next album, Daft Punk take a novel approach to promoting their LP, and 98 Degrees are hitting the road today on the Package Tour.

  • After Chris Brown rear-ended a Mercedes while driving in Los Angeles last week, it seems he gave the other driver incorrect insurance info and was irked when she asked him for his license. Looks like the LAPD is getting involved, since the incident could potentially be a probation violation. [The Guardian]
  • Drake’s father may have leaked the tracklist to his son’s forthcoming LP, Nothing Was the Same. The listing apparently appeared on Dennis Graham’s Instagram account, but was then deleted. Cut him some slack, he’s just a proud papa. [Vibe]
  • Yep, Formula One car with the Daft Punk logo raced in the Grand Prix in Monaco this past weekend. Would’ve been nice if a driver could pump the Random Access Memories while hugging those curves. [Spin]
  • Does 98 Degrees think they can hold their own against New Kids On the Block and Boyz II Men while touring with the groups this summer? [MTV]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]