Gin Wigmore Ghost Tours New York City

This month’s You Oughta Know obsession, Gin Wigmore, is a big fan of things that go bump in the night. The New Zealand-born singer has been enamored with all things paranormal since the moment she saw Ghostbusters as a kid (reason #928 we love her).

Since we like nourishing inner children at VH1, we made sure Gin didn’t leave the Big Apple before taking her on a guided ghost tour through the city. She didn’t have a proton pack, but Gin was all game for discovering dead bodies at Washington Square Park and scaring up spirits at a historical, haunted bar.

Come back Friday, May 31 when we wrap up Gin’s month as our YOK  artist with part two of the “Black Sheep” crooner’s undead Manhattan expedition. Of course, we saved the best for last (think tarot card reading and getting felt up by the ghost of a famous American author). Can’t wait? Check out our gorgeous gallery featuring photos of Gin’s trek through the creepiest parts of New York.

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