Avril Lavigne Turns Into A “Bad Girl” With The Help Of Marilyn Manson

Avril Lavigne’s new LP won’t be out until September, but that’s not stopping people from talking about it already. So when Lavigne swung by VH1 HQ recently to talk about her new single, “Here’s To Never Growing Up,” we wanted to get the skinny on the rumored track that she recently cut with shock goth icon Marilyn Manson.

“The song with Manson is called ’Bad Girl,'” Lavigne confessed to our VH1 News team. “When I heard the song back in the studio, I thought he’d be perfect to have on the track. He’s really talented and I respect his art.” If you’re wondering how this unlikely duo came together in the studio, she explained that the two met about 10 years ago during a concert he was performing in Toronto. Manson was instrumental not just in working on this track, but also in convincing Lavigne to shave her head last fall. What a pair!

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[Photo: Getty Images]