Serena Ryder’s You Oughta Know Week 1 In Photos

Ever wonder what You Oughta Know artists like Serena Ryder do when we’re not obsessively stalking her every move? Why, sending us personal photos of their down time to make our stalking a little easier, natch. June’s YOK sweetheart will be sharing a weekly recap of personal pics exclusively with VH1 all month, so we can get acquainted with the “Stompa” darling in her downtime, at home and on the road.

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  • serena_price_right_booth

  • serena_ryder_vawk_clothing

  • serena_juicer

  • serena_banjo

  • serena_children

  • serena_pup

  • serena_woods

Check out how adorable Serena is. The Juno Award-winner proudly broke in a new juicer and rocked out in The Cottage (her affectionately dubbed home studio) this week. She even took time out of touring and press obligations to walk a neighbor’s kid’s to school. You read that right. Even Billboard AAA chart-toppers are friendlier in Canada!

Keep checking back all month long to get your Serena fix as we detail her turn as June’s You Oughta Know artist of the month.

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