Last Lap: Who’s Rumored To Be A Guest On Britney Spears’ Next Album?

Is Dr. Dre going to score the upcoming Nina Simone biopic? Thom Yorke randomly drops a new track, and Muse finds inspiration in an apocalyptic tale.

  • Is Britney Spears bringing little sis Jamie Lynn onto her next LP? Rumor has it that the pop star is thinking about the collaboration for her album, which is being produced by [Perez Hilton]
  • During an on-air DJ set with Nigel Godrich at KCRW in Santa Monica, Thom Yorke debuted a new track. Apparently, it was intended to be a remix of a Radiohead song, but Yorke just kept futzing around until it became something totally different. Take a listen below. [Prefix]

  • Producers from the biographical film about Nina Simone have reached out Dr. Dre to score the movie. Could this turn into a past-meets-present musical landscape, a la The Great Gatsby? [Idolator]
  • With their music being featured in the film World War Z, Muse created an aural complement to the zombie flick’s emotionally barren environment. How did they do it? [MTV]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]