Last Lap: Lil’ Kim Injured In Car Accident

Would the Beatles have ever reunited for a tour? Who was the original ratchet role model? And Kanye West gets fans hyped up for his next album.

  • Rapper Lil’ Kim had a scare following a minor car accident, in which she suffered whipflash. Vine user CLSDASH captured the Queen Bee in a neck brace. [E!]
  • Ringo Starr believes he and his former Beatles bandmates would’ve gotten back together for a tour if John Lennon and George Harrison were still alive. He figures they probably could’ve put aside any differences to amaze fans at least one more time. [Daily Mail]
  • If anyone was looking for an icon for today’s ratchet behavior, Wu-Tang Clan’s U God points toward late member Ol’ Dirty Bastard. We won’t lie, we definitely miss the legendary MC’s antics. [Vibe]
  • “Yeezy season” has officially began, according to fans who saw Kanye West’s set at New York City’s Governor’s Ball. [MTV]

[Photo Credit: @clsdash]