Shock Out! 12 Amazing Reggae Covers Of Classic Songs

In 1962 Jamaica gained her independence from the UK. From this independence a world-renowned sound emerged from this small island in the Caribbean. Reggae’s birth initially began in the ’50s and early ’60s with “Bluebeat”, “Ska”, and “Rock Steady”, all of which evolved from Jamaican “Mento” as well as a heavy dose of American Soul, Jazz, and R&B. By the late ’60s, studios like Studio One began recording artists with a slower rhythm and more bass. This new sound, known as “Reggae,” quickly came to dominate Jamaican radio and dance halls.
Deeply rooted in R&B, many Reggae artists have recorded dozens (if not hundreds) of covers of popular Billboard hits. Many of these artists and producers took the liberty to mash up their own signature sound with the original, giving it a new twist. Let’s start with some of the oldies but goodies.

Gwan… Shock out to these 12 “original” Reggae covers!

12. The Silvertones, “Midnight Hour”

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