Friday Face-Off Father’s Day Edition: Usher Vs. Lil Wayne

The Father of all holidays is approaching. This means brewing the old man who lent you a chromosome a fresh pot of coffee, handing him the Sunday paper and letting him recline while we whip him up some finger lickin’ BBQ. In light of this daddy-lovin’, vote to tell us if Usher’s “Hey Daddy” or Lil Wayne’s “Stuntin’ Like My Daddy” makes fathers look more badass. Team U-S-H-E-R

Usher “Hey Daddy” – Baby, you have got my attention. Usher rocks this video with some signature fly dance moves sprinkled with all kinds of sexy. In 3 simple letters, he’s H-O-T. And what’s the icing on the Usher cake? He’s also a D-A-D, which means he’s got rhythm and he’s good with kids. This girl is crushin’ right now. Team Weezy
Lil Wayne & Birdman “Stuntin’ Like My Daddy” – If anybody makes riding a chromed out Yamaha look easy, it’s Dwayne Carter Jr. Throughout this video he stunts motorcycles and waves dollah bill$ like he’s the father of the rap world. And let’s be real – he kind of is. He’s also the father of four (count it!), which makes him a quadruple badass. But could you please put on a helmet, dude? You’ve got to set an example for lil Dwayne Carter III, Cameron, Neal and Reginae!