Little Mix Chats About The Spice Girls, Kelly Rowland, The Movie Glitter And More!

The Spice Girls used to be the biggest British girl group in Billboard history–until two weeks ago. That’s when British girl group Little Mix’s debut album, DNA, took the fourth spot on the Billboard charts and became the highest charting debut for a British girl group in history.

The rise of Little Mix comes on the heels of One Direction’s massive takeover of the pop music market, and the two groups have a lot in common. Both started out as groups put together on Great Britain’s The X Factor, but unlike One Direction, Little Mix actually came in first place in their season. Since then, Perrie Edwards, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Jesy Nelson and Jade Thirlwall, have gone from being unknown teenaged girls with dreams of singing to international superstars.

Their song “Wings” has been covered on Glee, their dating lives make the tabloids, and their X Factor mentor, Tulisa, has been dragged into an epic drug dealing scandal back in the United Kingdom.

The girls are literal pop superstars, with all the glamour and the baggage that comes with it, and yet they each still come across as humble and down-to-earth that’s truly refreshing and endearing.  (Example: Jade offered me her popcorn before the interview even started.)

We got a chance to talk with the lovely and loquacious ladies of Little Mix on their last day stateside and we got all the scoop on how they deal with the pressure of pop stardom, who they want to work with next, what they really think of being compared to the Spice Girls and what Mariah Carey’s movie Glitter has to do with their dreams.

VH1: So, how has America been treating you guys?

Jade: We’ve had the best time and we’ve been here for like two weeks and we’re going home today so we’re really sad, but it’s been the best trip ever. There’s been thousands of fans here and we found out we got a number four on the charts. We broke a record! So I think this has been probably one of the highlights of our career so far being here.

VH1: Now, everyone has been comparing you guys to the Spice Girls. Do you guys like that comparison or–?


Leigh-Anne: Yes!

Jesy: We all like loved them growing up as kids. We had the big covers, posters, everything possible. So, to be like compared to them—they were the biggest girl group in the world—is just like absolutely amazing.

VH1: You guys worked with T-Boz and Missy Elliott on this album what was that like?

Leigh-Anne: Absolutely amazing. First off, T-Boz, like TLC—they were such an inspiration when we were younger. They are amazing! So, yeah, to be able to work with T-Boz and to say that you’ve worked with one of your inspirations is pretty amazing. Missy Elliott, like we’ve all grown up listening to her as well. She’s incredible. It’s just amazing.

Perrie: Yeah, for the first album we’ve been so lucky because obviously we’re a girl group and we were new. Like, at the time that we came out there wasn’t really girl groups around and on our album we had—I don’t know if you know like Girls Aloud–we had Nicola [Roberts] from Girls Aloud on a song. We had Shaznay [Lewis] from All Saints on a song like helping us write stuff. We were really lucky to have so many [people from] girl bands have so much input. It was lovely to work with them.

VH1: So, our friends at LOGO talked to (your former X-Factor judge) Kelly Rowland and she was obsessed with you guys.

Little Mix: Awwwwwww!

VH1: Yeah, she said you guys were “incredibly beautiful” and that you can “sang” with an “a.”

Little Mix: Awwwwwww!

Jesy: God Bless Her!

VH1: And she’s wants to work with you on your next album. Who, besides Kelly, would you want to work with on your next album?

Leigh-Anne: We always say Nicki Minaj, don’t we? We’d love to collab with Nicki Minaj. She’s amazing and I think she’d really fit in well with us and what we do. She’s so quirky.

Jesy: I’d like to work with Timbaland.

Jade: He’s a legend.

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