First Dibs: Was Justin Bieber In A Hit-And-Run Accident?

Did Walmart accidentally release the title of Mariah Carey’s next album? Robin Thicke faces pushback over his lyrics, and Mac Miller gets an interesting surprise as he comes home.

  • Los Angeles police investigated an accident involving Justin Bieber and a photographer. Bieber allegedly hit the paparazzo when leaving a comedy venue and the photog stepped into the street trying to snap a picture. Bieber claimed he didn’t see the man as he drove and was cleared of wrongdoing. [TMZ]
  • Mariah Carey’s camp has officially unveiled the name of her next LP, but it looks like Walmart may have spilled the beans ahead of time. The retailer hosted a pre-order page for The Art Of Letting Go before the title actually went public. [Spin]
  • Robin Thicke has a bonafide hit with his single, “Blurred Lines,” but now critics are charging that the song includes “rapey” lyrics. [The Hollywood Gossip]
  • And if you want to peep a clip from Mac Miller And The Most Dope Family, check out a scene where Mac accidentally walks into the house in the middle of a photo shoot.

[Photo Credit: Splash News]