Singers In The Shadows: 15 Singers Overshadowed By Their More Famous Family Members

Sibling rivalry is hard enough in the real world, but imagine for a minute if your sister was Beyonce? Somehow, Solange deals with it graciously, but not every sibling of a pop star can cope with being in the shadows. What’s even worse? When your parent is a legend, and you can’t catch a break.

The 15 singers on our list may be extraordinarily talented. They might be internationally famous. Some of them might actually kind of suck. The thing they all have in common? No matter how hard they hustle, they can’t step out of the shadow of their exponentially more famous family member.

Superstar Singer: Jessica Simpson
Singer In Their Shadow: Ashlee Simpson

Jessica Simpson is a pop star, reality star, movie star, and successful entrepreneur. Her sister Ashlee is also a talented singer-songwriter and former reality star with her own distinct style, but Ashlee has long been loathe to be in her big sister’s shadow. How do we know? She wrote a hit song about it.

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