Battle Of The Summer Jams: Former Disney Starlets

Welcome to the third week of VH1?s Battle of the Summer Jams. We are almost one month into summer and several songs are making a go at the top of the charts. Last week the hashtag songs made a go at it. However, had no shot against Mariah Carey, who dominated with 88 percent of the vote. “#Beautiful” looks to be Mariah’s comeback after all. This week former Disney starlets are battling it out with their summer comeback jams. Instead of two, we are pitting three against each other: Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato.

Miley Cyrus, “We Can’t Stop”

Is this song about Molly? Is it about her crazy lifestyle? Who cares, it’s surprisingly infectious. Imagine if Rihanna had sang it and it would make total sense.

Selena Gomez, “Come And Get It”

Gomez is back after an extended hiatus from music. Her return is a mix of Bollywood and pop perfection that’s reminiscent of Mandy Moore’s “In My Pocket.”

Demi Lovato, “Heart Attack”

Even though this song came out a few months ago, the song is still burning up the charts and with reason. The song has some legs to it and staying power.

Time to vote!

Check us out next Friday for the results and your chance to vote on the battle of foreign imports.