“What Is Soundgarden, Alex?”

Have people really forgotten about Soundgarden, arguably the third most-influential band of the Grunge era*? We here at VH1 would certainly concede that the band’s popularity has waned since their mid-’90s heyday, but we had no idea things had gotten so dire for them out there in the “real world.” Our own SoundScanner author, Adam Graham, was watching Jeopardy last night when he saw the three contestants draw a total blank at the following clue: “In 2012, ’Been Away Too Long’ Was The First Single Off This Chris Cornell Band’s First Album In 16 Years.” (We have the Vine’d clip for you below.)

Well, at least they didn’t say Audioslave, right? Still, we think an apt punishment for Ben, Jonathan and Donna is to be thrown into a rusty cage while Badmotorfinger plays on full blast until they learn their lesson.

*Behind Nirvana and Pearl Jam, natch.

[Photo: Getty Images]