Friday Face-Off: The Wanted Vs. One Direction

Okay, guilty confession: I’ve got a summer crush on The Wanted and One Direction. These steamy guys with the dreamy eyes could sing me an Olive Garden menu and I’d fall to pieces. So ditch the high temps, sneak into a room with some cranked AC and vote to tell us if you think The Wanted’s “Glad You Came” or One Direction’s “Kiss You” deserves the title of studliest summer music video.

Team Wanted

The Wanted “Glad You Came” – One thing is for sure, these boys know how to get down. From beach parties to indoor dance-fests, this video is a summer splash of excitement. I’m not jazzed to see Max, Siva, Tom, Jay and Nathan all flirting with girls in this video (considering they should be focusing their attention on me), but I’ll let it slide. Why? Because these dreamboats (on real boats) are just too cute to hold a grudge against. Invite me to your next beach party, boys?

Team One Direction

One Direction “Kiss You” – There’s something undeniably addictive about this group of goofballs. Maybe it’s the shaggy hair (I’m looking at you Harry) or the steamy half-smile (Liam…), but whatever it is, we love them.  From  ridiculous ski-suits to playful wrestling, their silly humor is all over this video. And although these class clowns have bad behavior that would probably get them sent to the principal’s office, I’d take a detention any day if it would get me a seat next to them. Sigh.