Jack Johnson Keeps It Extremely Casual In His New Video, “I Got You”

When it comes to chillin’, few are better at it than Jack Johnson. The native Hawaiian troubadour has more or less cornered the market on casual cool with his whole laidback acoustic vibe, along the way building one of the most dedicated fanbases in all of music. He just headlined Bonnaroo last month, and his next album, From Here To Now To You, is set for release in September. Our colleagues over at VH1 News recently caught up with the mellow pop-folk singer and asked him about his extremely casual new video, “I Got You.”

“I just really wasn’t in the mood to work,” Johnson confessed, “So we kinda said, ’Alright, maybe we’ll do something simple and you can just go on a hike and perform and it’ll be something small.” That idea began to blossom, though, and the end result turned into a beautiful travelogue of Oahu. “Any spot we’d see as we were driving around [Oahu] and think ’That’s pretty cool,’ we’d pull over [and shoot].” Hey man, if that’s cool by Jack, it’s cool by us!

Until From Here To Now To You comes out on September 17, you can watch the video for “I Got You” below.