Jay-Z Is Currently In The Middle Of 6 Straight Hours Of Lip-Synching “Picasso Baby”

And you thought it was CRAY when Jay-Z and Kanye West performed “N*ggas In Paris” 12 times in Paris? Well…

Gawker informs us that Jay-Z is currently in the midst of a six-hour lip sync session at an art gallery in the Chelsea section of New York City. He’s been “performing” the song “Picasso Baby” off his brand new album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, for onlookers for a few hours now. Not surprisingly, a lot of these clips (including one of him slow dancing with renowned performance artist Marina Abramovic) have hit the Internet.

This strikes us as a curious move, particularly seeing as how indie rock stalwarts The National just did THE EXACT SAME THING just under two months ago; the band performed their song, “Sorrow,” for six straight hours during a MOMA show in May. And while the song choice, “Picasso Baby,” makes thematic sense in that it namechecks Basquiat, Koons, Rothko, et al., it’s also one of more boring songs on an album that many critics have been labeling as “mailed-in” (NY Mag) and “lots of hype, little inspiration” (WaPo). Is this little performance art stunt simply Jay’s way of distancing himself from the “data miner” label that the New York Times recently put on him? Let your voice be heard!

Is This 6-Hour Performance Art Bit A Good Look For Jay-Z?