First Dibs: What Interesting Accessory Did Mariah Carey Wear This Weekend?

Justin Timberlake’s latest single seems to have an unfortunate title, Radiohead’s longtime producer comes out against Spotify, and Ed Sheeran isn’t sure why people are getting so, uh, pissy about Justin Bieber.

  • We were devastated to hear that Mariah Carey dislocated her shoulder and fractured her rib recently. But Mimi performed with the New York Philharmonic this past weekend for the MLB All-Star concert, rocking fashionable accessories for her sling. [USA Today]
  • Take Back The Night, a group fighting against sexual assault, has sent a notice to Justin Timberlake over his new song. The track, also titled “Take Back The Night,” was released Friday. The group alleges JT used their trademark without permission. [The Guardian]
  • Nigel Godrich, known for producing many of Radiohead’s albums, called Spotify “bad for new music.” Atoms For Peace, a new group featuring Godrich and Thom Yorke, has removed their debut album from the streaming application. [NME]
  • Ed Sheeran shrugs off criticism over the infamous clip of Justin Bieber relieving himself in a mop bucket. [MTV]

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