First Dibs: Justin Bieber Gives Fans A Snippet Of His Next Single

Beyonce gets Houston to “Bow Down,” Bobby Brown isn’t happy about his daughter’s engagement, and Lil Wayne drops his new video.

  • Justin Bieber is about to release a new fragrance, but what’s that playing in the background of his new ad? A tiny taste of “Heartbreaker,” a song from the Biebs’ next album, only leaves us wanting more. [The Hollywood Gossip]

  • Beyonce returned to her hometown of Houston during her Mrs. Carter Show tour, and performed her single, “Bow Down,” live. The song hasn’t been included in set lists for other tour stops, but maybe it should be β€” King B totally rocked it. Check out a fan’s video below. [Idolator]]

  • At least one person isn’t totally on board with Whitney Houston’s daughter getting married β€” her dad, Bobby Brown. Bobbi Kristina recently announced that she’s engaged to a family friend with whom she grew up, but it appears her dad is less than enthusiastic. C’mon Bobby, don’t be cruel. [<a title=
  • Lil Wayne released his clip for “God Bless Amerika” yesterday. While shooting the video, Weezy got caught in a controversy over allegedly trampling the American flag. Seems like any footage of that got left on the cutting room floor. [MTV]
[Photo Credit: Getty Images]