Last Lap: What Does Justin Bieber’s New Tattoo Look Like?

A One Direction performance almost gets scary, Timbaland apologizes to Jay-Z — in song, and 2013 MTV Video Music Awards nominee Demi Lovato hits us with her new video.

  • With a string of recent public faux pas, Justin Bieber has decided to get a new tattoo. The giant eye on his elbow supposedly represents his wholesome mom’s watchful gaze, but it may inadvertently end up drawing conspiracy theorists to the Biebs’ Instagram page. [Perez Hilton]
  • Yikes! One Direction’s Harry Styles nearly stumbled near a pyrotechnic display during a performance, but Zayn Malik quickly stepped in to prevent disaster. These dudes truly have each others’ backs. [E!]
  • Following the disclosure that he and Jay-Z were at odds after 2009’s Blueprint 3, Timbaland is set to release a song called “Sorry.” Timbo also reveals that the flare-up was over something personal, not professional. We’re just glad they squashed it and got back to making awesome tracks. [Idolator]

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