What Tunes Should The Royal Baby Listen To? A Playlist Fit For a Prince (Or Princess!)

Kate Middleton and Prince William’s bun in the oven is expected to arrive at any moment, and in honor of the royal nugget’s birth, we’ve created a must-listen playlist for His or Her Royal Highness.

For those of you who didn’t know, lullaby renditions of your favorite songs actually exist. Well-known acts like The Beatles, Kanye West and Coldplay are just a few examples of artists who’ve allowed adorable, baby-friedly tracks to be created from the kick-ass originals that we’ve all been known to belt out late-night at the bar and use as motivational background music at the gym. Here at VH1, we’d like to imagine that the following tunes made it onto Kate and William’s playlist – for both hip and responsible reasons. Fantasy or not, early congrats to the royal family!

“One Love,” Bob Marley

With all the music that exists, William and Kate found very few lullabies that could compete with Bob Marley’s lessons on peace. Welcome to the world, little one!

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