First Dibs: Who’s The Highest Earning Pop Star Under 30?

Beyonce keeps it classy during a concert mishap, Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” gets the mashup treatment, and Panic! At The Disco talk about the influences for their new album.

  • Even with dropping part of her tour to have hip surgery, Lady Gaga still topped Forbes’ list of the highest earning celebrities under 30. Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift came in second and third place. [BBC]
  • During a show in Montreal, Beyonce’s wig got whipped up by a wind machine and got stuck. But Queen Bey only gave us yet another reason to bow down — she flawlessly continued performing as security tried to free her. [TMZ]

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  • The inevitable has happened: Someone has blended “Blurred Lines” with the theme song from Growing Pains, hopefully making two generations of Thickes very, very proud. [Huffington Post]

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