Oh No! Watch Beyonce’s Weave Get Stuck In A Wind Machine

Beyoncé has been delighting fans all across North America on her Mrs. Carter World Tour for a few weeks now, putting those pesky pregnancy rumors from earlier this year to bed. She’s proven herself, not only on this tour but throughout her storied career, to be a consummate live performer, and during a show last night in Montreal, her will and resolve was put to the test.

King Bey was in the middle of performing “Halo,” one of her signature show-stopping tracks, when she wandered a little bit too close to one of her diva fans. (You know, the kind that make a singer’s hair look as ravishing as it does in one of her L’Oreal commercials?) Unfortunately for Bey, her weave somehow got sucked into the fan, which caused a look of terror to run across her face.

As you should know by now, NOTHING is gonna stop Beyoncé in her tracks when she’s in the middle of a performance. She kept on singing “Halo” as her team of wig wranglers spent nearly 40 seconds trying to extricate her weave from this sticky situation, once again demonstrating that she is a soldier beyond compare.

Embedded from www.youtube.com.