First Dibs: Has American Idol Discriminated Against Past Contestants?

Kanye West may be able to dodge charges stemming from a scuffle, Shakira is back to her flat tummy, and 2013 MTV Video Music Awards nominee Selena Gomez tells us about her video for “Slow Down.”

  • Ten African-American former American Idol hopefuls have launched a lawsuit against the show. The contestants allege their somewhat unsavory pasts were exposed on the show, but that white contestants were never subjected to the same scrutiny. Each plantiff is seeking $25 million. [The Hollywood Gossip]
  • After he recently confronted a zealous photographer, Kanye West may be able to pay damages to avoid heavier charges. The payout definitely sounds like a better option. [AllHipHop]
  • Global pop star Shakira showed off her bikini body while on vacation with her boyfriend. The singer had a baby just six months ago and judging from the fun the hot couple is having on the beach, we wouldn’t be surprised if we soon saw baby No. 2. [Us Magazine]
  • What can Selena Gomez say about her amazing new video, which features Parisian nightlife? [MTV]