Battle Of The Summer Jams: The Unexpected Hits

It’s the last week of July and we have a few more weeks to go before we determine the ultimate winner of the Battle Of The Summer Jams. This week we are putting two more songs to the test. But first, we need to look at who came out on top between Macklemore and Pink. With 57 percent of the vote,
“Just Give Me One Reason” won the battle of the relationship ballads over “Same Love.” Now it’s back to this week’s battle: the unexpected hits. That means Oscar-nominated actress, Anna Kendrick, is going up against newcomer Hunter Hayes. But who will reign supreme? Time to cast your vote!

Anna Kendrick, “Cups (Pitch Perfect’s When I’m Gone)”

The song first made its debut in last summer’s unexpected hit, Pitch Perfect, and then was later released as a single when it started to catch on with radio. Cups was remixed and officially dropped in March and has been slowly climbing up the charts ever since.

Hunter Hayes, “I Want Crazy”

The country singer dropped his debut album in 2011 and his first three singles charted on the Billboard Country charts. However, it’s his fourth single that has crossed over, earning him some love from mainstream audiences.

Both songs seem to be enjoying the slow burn but summer is halfway over, so which one comes out on top? Sound off below:

[Photo: Getty]