The Replacements: 15 Bad Boy Rock Stars Who Were Fired From Their Famous Bands

When you’re in a rock band, you’re expected to be somewhat of a rebellious badass. That sort of goes with the territory, right? Rock isn’t generally known for having too many rules… So when you hear stories about folks getting kicked of their group, the first thing we think is: Wow, they must have REALLY f’d up pretty bad!

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Sure, sometimes it might just be the time honored excuse of “musical differences” (translation: “We don’t like you”), rather than anything concrete. But other times drug addictions, epic fights, and totally insane behavior result in a musician getting kicked to the curb by their band brethren.

Head up to the gallery above for 15 dudes who rocked just a little too hard, and ended up getting a pink slip from their famous rock group!


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