The Panty-Dropper Playlist! 25 Tunes to Sex Up Your Summer Hookup Sesh

The summertime¬†always makes us feel lusty and libidinous (we’re convinced it’s because everyone’s half-naked). In any event, even the hottest hookup moments are made friskier by the perf soundtrack — and here, we’ve rounded up our top twenty-five most aurally erotic tunes on the planet. From tried-and-true gems like Kings of Leon’s “Sex on Fire” to new school scorchers like Kendrick Lamar’s “Poetic Justice,” we swear these jams will have you winning.

  • bumpandgrindFINAL

  • sexonfireFINAL

  • cockinessrihannaFINAL

  • untiltheendoftimeFINAL

  • poeticjusticeFINAL

  • closerFINAL

  • fatherfigureFINAL

  • shelivesinmylapFINAL

  • danceforyouFINAL

  • pussyismineFINAL

  • angelmassiveattackFINAL

  • justifymylovetonyFINAL

  • thinkingaboutyouFINAL

  • Image: D’Angelo

    D’Angelo on the cover of “Voodoo,” his second studio album, released in January 2000.

  • wickedgameFINAL

  • lovetoloveyouFINAL

  • wholelottaloveFINAL

  • tilthecopscomeFINAL

  • crashdavematthewsFINAL

  • adoreFINAL


  • inthemorningFINAL

  • damniwishFINAL

  • cryforyouFINAL

  • letsgetitonFINAL

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[Photo: Columbia, Warner Bros., Virgin, RCA, Jive, LaFace, Interscope Records]