Friday Face-Off Philanthropy Edition: Jennifer Hudson Vs. LL Cool J

The VH1 2013 Do Something! Awards happened Wednesday and there was a whole lot of love going around. We honored 5 special celebrities for their amazing social change leadership, including the fantabulous Jennifer Hudson and LL Cool J. Take a look at Jennifer’s “No One Gonna Love You” and LL Cool J’s “I Need Love” and see which philanthropic artist not only has an awesome heart, but an awesome music video.

Team Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson “No One Gonna Love You” – Not sure if this title holds true for J-Hud, cause let’s be honest – ehhhrbody loves her. This Oscar-winner may have ranked seventh on her season of American Idol, but it seems like she’s the reigning champ. In this video Hudson wows with some swanky dance moves and a sassy attitude. But when she’s not giving men a piece of her mind like in this video, she’s giving kids a piece of her heart. She and her sis founded The Julian D. King Gift Foundation, providing stability and positive experiences for children. Talk about a big heart. 

Team LL Cool J

LL Cool J “I Need Love” – Man, if you need my love, you got it! Let’s take a ride back to the ’90s and cruise through this old school video. LL  sports classic thick gold chains and bucket hat, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Sure there are some corny lines like, “a desire for true love floating around” but that’s part of its charm. Flash-forward to 2013 and he’s retired the bucket hat and packed on some lbs of muscle. Now he’s flexing his philanthropic muscles as founder of Jump & Ball, an annual basketball tournament and athletic camp offering kids a place to cultivate their talent. Slam dunk, Cool J.