Miley Cyrus Stars In Big Sean’s “Fire” Video, Does Not Twerk

Hip-hop’s fledgling relationship with a former Disney star just got a little stronger. Earlier this week Big Sean released new track, “Fire,” from his upcoming album Hall Of Fame, and now he’s enlisted the talents Miley Cyrus for its official video.Jay Z may have encouraged Miley’s love of twerking with his “Somewhereinamerica” shout-out, but it appears Sean is less interested in seeing Billy Ray’s daughter shake her thing than having her walk around in dazzling heels and stare the camera down in the name of art.

For a song that’s personal–Sean says he’s rapping for his entire state, let alone, Detroit, the city he so affectionately rhymes about–we rarely seen the man they call Big, save for fuzzy headshots seen through layers and layers of psychedelic filters. Should we be concerned that he’s opting not to capitalize on a current social phenomenon, or respect him for viewing Miley in the way we believe she views herself (as an artist, not just a punchline)? Still, it’s Friday and we could use some jiggling to get us through the late afternoon. “Do what you wanna do–f–k everything else,” Sean says. So go ahead and twerk, Miley, Miley twerk. (We know you want to.)

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