Countdown: 15 Ways Beyonce Kept It Real During Her First Headlining Show At Barclays

On Saturday night we were lucky enough to catch Beyonce’s headlining debut at the  Barclay’s Center as part of the ongoing Mrs. Carter World Tour! Obviously, she brought the goods. Big time. That goes without saying! But despite the epic coronation video that opened the extravaganza, and the fact that she essentially owned the place (along with Jay Z, obvs), the diva managed to keep things chill. She was the perfect host, putting her 18,000 guests at ease as she welcomed us to her family arena. Here are 15 of the ways Queen Bey kept it real in her home court!

 15. Jiggled her non-existent arm-flab as she sang “Flaws and All” 

We appreciate the sentiment, but c’com. Those guns are all muscle.


14. With her all female Suga Mama band, Bey reminded us all who runs the world…

Answer: Girls.


13. Paused in the middle of “Why Don’t You Love Me” for a solid 30 seconds of silent-yet-sexy eye-batting.

Crowd = Seduced.


12. Backup dancers Les Twins busted out some “Harlem Shake”.
Nothin’ like some viral vid action to make the stadium go wild.


11. Segued from “Single Ladies” into the theme from The Jeffersons

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