15 Questionable Fashion Choices At Lollapalooza

I’m not sure what it is about music festivals that brings out the freaks, the fashion-challenged and the over-confident fashionistas, but they show up every time. This year’s Lollapalooza was no different. Everything from guys in speedos to girls in fanny packs made their way around the festival grounds and onto this blog. Here are the most questionable fashion choices. Now, that it’s over lets burn these clothes and (hopefully) never see them again.

1. This fishnet makeup mask

[Photo: Christina Leake/VH1]

2. Guys in speedos

[Photo: Stacy Lambe/VH1]

We get it, it’s hot, your hot

[Photo: Westcoastchia/Instagram]

3. All the floral headbands

[Photo: Ashley Garmon/Lollapalooza]

Seriously, every girl had one

[Photo: Getty]

All thanks to Lana Del Rey

[Photo: Will Rice/Lollapalooza]

4. Feather headdresses and whatever else this girl is wearing

[Photo: Jenny Reece/Lollapalooza]

5. Matching tiger outfits

[Photo: Mark Wright/Lollapalooza]

6. This leopard print/chain number

[Photo: Jenny Reece/Lollapalooza]

7. Sequined bras

[Photo: Getty]

8. High waisted, up the crack cut-off jeans

[Photo: Getty]

9. Gold leotards

[Photo: Getty]

10. Mario Brothers cosplay

[Photo: Getty]

11. Plastic bags (though in her defense, it was raining)

[Photo: Getty]

12. Free swag

[Photo: Getty]

13. Fanny packs

[Photo: Getty]

14. Gold American Apparel gym shorts

[Photo: Kim H./Instagram]

15. The always present horse mask

[Photo: Adrienne/Instagram]