VH1 You Oughta Know Artist Passenger Breaks Down His New LP, All The Little Lights (Pt. 2 of 2)

The British troubadour Passenger is the latest addition to the You Oughta Know family, and it’s no wonder why. The plaintive poet’s song “Let Her Go” has already gone to #1 in sixteen countries, and is just starting to gain momentum on the charts here. His latest LP, All The Little Lights, has been championed by fellow YOK alum Ed Sheeran, and we got the chance to discuss all of the tracks on the album with Mike Rosenberg himself when he swung through NYC recently for the latest installment of our series Track-By-Track.

Yesterday, we got the stories behind the first six cuts on the album —“Things That Stop You Dreaming,” “Let Her Go,” “Staring At The Stars,” “All The Little Lights,” “The Wrong Direction” and “Circles”— and today, we’ve got Passenger’s exclusive Track-By-Track commentary for you on the final six songs on his remarkable new album, All The Little Lights, for you.

7. “Keep On Walking”
EXCERPT OF PASSENGER’S COMMENTARY: “I haven’t had a house for five years, I’ve just been sleeping in hostels or hotels or mates’ couches or whatever. You know, living like that kind of frees you up. You just start looking at life differently.”

8. “Patient Love”
EXCERPT OF PASSENGER’S COMMENTARY: “’Patient Love’ is a depressing song about an ex-girlfriend. There’s a line in the chorus, ’Four will not wait for three, for three never waited for two,’ and I guess it’s saying there’s an inevitability (to breaking up).”

9. “Life’s For The Living”
EXCERPT OF PASSENGER’S COMMENTARY: “It’s quite a big song, I think. It’s about living in the moment, really, and how difficult that is sometimes. I was playing a gig the other day, and I looked out, and all I could see were iPhones, and it just struck me that if we’re not careful, we view everything through a bloody screen.”

10. “Holes”
EXCERPT OF PASSENGER’S COMMENTARY: “It’s a really hopeful song, I think. Some of the album is pretty sad, pretty dark, and I think ’Holes’ is a really nice song to put at the end of a concert to bring the mood up.”

11. “Feather On The Clyde”
EXCERPT OF PASSENGER’S COMMENTARY: “The Clyde is a river in Glasgow (Scotland), and I’ve been going there for years. Playing the street, playing in pubs. It’s one of those places where you get there first and it’s quite rough in some ways, but the more I went there, the more I loved it. It’s kind of that juxtaposition of that place — in some ways, it’s quite bleak and cold, but on the other side of things, it’s got this beating heart to it that’s warm and kind.”

12. “I Hate””
EXCERPT OF PASSENGER’S COMMENTARY: “’I Hate’ is one of those songs I wrote in a bad mood, about all the stuff that annoys me. But it’s a lighthearted moment in an album that’s quite heavy. I’m not depressed, I’m not a sad guy — I’m really quite happy most of the time, and I want to get that side of myself into the music as well.”