POLL: Are You Hoping That Chris Brown Quits Music?

Chris Brown is nothing if not great at stirring controversy. Today on twitter he posted two tweets that suggest he’s quitting music after his next album, X, is released which caused a flurry of speculation that he’s quitting music. But is he really retiring? Or fishing for compliments???

Earlier today, Brown directed a tweet at “Mainstream America”, which is a vague expression that encapsulates everyone from soccer moms to people who hate domestic violence to Chris Brown’s fan base, letting them know that X would be his last album:

He immediately followed this tweet up with another that alluded to his domestic violence as “a mistake I made when i was 18.”

So, naturally everyone thinks he’s quitting music after his new album comes out, except he never says he’s “quitting” or “leaving” music. He’s just saying there won’t be another album. Maybe he’ll just do singles!

What’s more interesting is that the popular reaction is split between fans who don’t want him to quit and detractors who are hoping the news is true (and people who think it’s all just a ploy for attention).

What do YOU think? Should Chris Brown quit music? Should he keep putting out music in album, single or ringtone form? Do you not care about Chris Brown anymore?

Do You Hope Chris Brown Quits Music?

[Photo Credit: Getty Images & Twitter]