Rap Lyrics 101: What Are The Best VH1 References In Hip Hop?

Hate to brag, but we’re kind of popular over here at VH1. Your favorite celebs are entertained by our show lineups, and A-list rappers weave us into their wordplay. But which VH1 references from hip hop are the most memorable?

From Flavor of Love and VH1 Soul to Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, artists like Nicki Minaj, Pusha T, Wale, and Ma$e are guilty of letting our name come out of their mouths, and it’s time to break down their lyrics, word for word.

Quick disclaimer: Rappers aren’t always kind, and their braggadocio might come hand in hand with some unpleasant comments about our reality stars. Please understand that we don’t share the opinions of the artists below, we’re simply showcasing what’s out there in the most objective manner possible.

All press is good press though, right? We’re leaving it up to you to decide which VH1 reference is your favorite anyway, so don’t forget to VOTE after you peep the list. Drum roll, please!

RAPPER: Fabolous (Ft. Kobe)
SONG: “Imma do it”
LYRICS: “I’m “Tin Man” heartless/ No love, hey son/ If you’re lookin’ for love, get a show on VH1.”

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