What’s In A Name: 20 Crazy Stories Behind Famous Band Names

Budding musicians have to deliberate long and hard  when choosing a name to give their band an itentity. Like expecting parents naming a baby, their choice must be catchy, contain plenty of meaning, and be appealing to all parties involved. It sounds like a lot of work! If you’re not careful, you could wind up with a name like Hoobastank, the OnedersPuddle Of Mud or LMFAO

  • AC/DC

  • Alice Cooper

  • Cheap Trick


  • Coldplay

  • Daft Punk

  • Depeche Mode

  • Dexys Midnight Runners

  • Duran Duran

  • Kiss

  • Led Zeppelin

  • Motorhead

  • Paramore

  • Pearl Jam

  • Savage Garden

  • Skrillex

  • Steely Dan

  • The Doors

  • The Rolling Stones

  • U2

  • Velvet Underground

Sometimes a band’s name is so random that we can’t even imagine how the group stumbled on it in the first place. Other times, their seemingly commonplace title packs a heaping helping of hidden subtext. So for any nameless groups who are really stuck for something to stencil on their bass drum-head, head on up to the gallery above for 25 unique stories behind some of the most iconic band names in history.  Follow in the footsteps of these legends! Even if you don’t repeat their fame, you might at least got a good name out of the deal.

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