First Dibs: Why Is Miley Cyrus Attacking Her Critics On Twitter?

The battle between Chris Brown and Frank Ocean continues, Prince begins tweeting, and Selena Gomez preps for her Stars Dance tour.

  • With Miley Cyrus’ recent dives into African-American culture (e.g. twerking), she’s faced a backlash from people accusing her of misappropriation. The pop star aired her grievances on Twitter, posting that she “knows [she’s] white” and can express herself how she chooses. [The Hollywood Gossip]
  • Chris Brown is facing a lawsuit stemming from Frank Ocean’s cousin, adding to the fallout of a skirmish from earlier this year. [E!]
  • Despite his previous declaration that the internet was “over,” Prince is reportedly tweeting. Using a verified account under the name of his 3rd Eye Girl band, he appears to be using his feed to promote new music. [The Guardian]
  • Selena Gomez is ready to give fans an awesome experience as she begins her world tour. But she admits that there’s a bit a pressure involved with creating such an unforgettable show. [MTV]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]