Battle Of The Summer Jams: Bruno Mars Vs Maroon 5

Welcome back to the Battle Of The Summer Jams. We are in our last week of original battles before we group the winners and losers in battle royale of music. It looks like Jay Z lost out to Kanye in last week’s battle. (Honestly, Jay got destroyed with 77 percent of the vote going to Mr. West.) So he will be joining the losers of the summer. But who will join him this week? Will it be Bruno Mars who has burned up the charts with “Treasure”?  Or will it be Maroon 5’s late breaking summer tune, “Love Somebody”?

Bruno Mars, “Treasure”

The singer has dominated the charts with his sophomore album, Unorthodox Jukebox. The third single plays on the disco vibe that’s been popular this summer. On “Treasure” he channels Donna Summer and Michael Jackson’s “Rock With You.”

Maroon 5, “Love Somebody”

On the fourth single from Overexposed, the group explores an Eurythmics vibe that adds an unexpected dance element to Maroon’s sound. The song has been a slow-burner working its way up the charts all summer and sitting comfortably at number 10 on the Billboard Hot 100.

You’ve heard the tracks, now it’s time to vote!

[Photo: Getty]