Johnnyswim Break Down Heart Beats, Track-By-Track (Pt. 2 Of 2)

Johnnyswim, comprised of Amanda Sudano and Abner Ramirez, are back in the hot seat to break down their music. The duo opens up about the inspiration behind the final three tracks on the EP, Heart Beats. And it doesn’t always come the most obvious place. The You Oughta Know artist recently sat down with VH1 for our ongoing Track-By-Track series to talk about drinking songs, death and break ups. It sounds dark, but it’s actually kind of sweet.

The second part the series focuses on the final three tracks: “Don’t Keep Heaven Busy,” “Make,” and “Annie.”

4. “Don’t Keep Heaven Busy”

The group swears that the song is NOT about death.

“If you listen closely, we’ll say, because it’s all there,” says Ramirez. “It’s about a romance that’s so passionate, that’s so magnetic, that even all of heaven has to stop and admire this story.”

Can you hear the same passion in the song?

5. “Make”

Would you believe that Johnnyswim originally wrote this song for a conference? Just three days before it was due, they started writing the song.

“We were in Nashville and we were kind of like, ’what should we write about?'” says Sudano. “We met at a church in Nasvhille and this is the Bible Belt anyway. So we were kind of like, ’let’s write an old school hymn.’ And we were actually talking to a friend of ours who was saying how all the great hymns actually came from drinking songs … So we thought it would be fun to write a drinking song hymn.”

6. “Annie”

“Annie” is a song that took several years to write. Ramirez had the ’oh, Annie’ lyric but nothing to go with it. But a friend’s break up helped inspire the group to finish the song.

“We were like, ’drink some vodka; tell us about this,'” says Sudano. “And we kind of actually wrote it based on his break up cause we hadn’t had one so we were kind of just sucking him dry of inspiration. So the song is really about his break up.”

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