5 Lessons The Best Female Video Nominees Learned From Beyonce

The Queen Bey may only be nominated for one VMA (Best Video with a Social Message), her presence can be felt in this year’s nominees for Best Female Video. What’s even more strange is how Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna all took the master class in Beyonce by channeling “Me, Myself and I,” which was nominated for a 2004 VMA for Best R&B Video. While the video didn’t take home the Moonman that year, it did lay the ground work for future nominees.

If you don’t remember the “Me, Myself and I” video then watch it now.

There are so many great things happening in this video: the reverse narrative, Bey’s great hair (looks like her latest look), peacocks(!), drama. Let’s see what lessons the nominees learned.

1. Begin your video with the end.

Spoiler Alert: You know how this story ends. But the fun part is learning how we got there. Taylor Swift knows that and that’s why she channeled her inner-Bey in “I Knew You Were Trouble.” Sadly, she didn’t take it to the next level and film it backwards.

2. If you’re going to cry, do it in the tub.

Rihanna took Beyonce’s memorable sob in bath to a whole new level in the video for “Stay.” She stays in there long enough to get super pruny. We are pretty sure Beyonce would have advised against that.

3. If you wear a fur, you better werk it.

Wearing fur is quite the fashion statement and not everyone can pull it off (sorry Macklemore). But Miley Cyrus gives it her best go in “We Can’t Stop.” If it weren’t for that taxidermied animal she’s holding, we’d say she werked it pretty hard.

4. Nothing says ’artistic’ better than a creepy animal in the background.

Why was there a peacock in the background? We don’t know but dammit, Beyonce wanted it there, and that’s fine by us. Pink takes a similar approach in her video for “Just Give Me A Reason.” And bonus points for upping the creep factor with the glowing eyes. Beyonce would approve.

5. Find your wind.

While this lesson may not be pulled from “Me, Myself And I,” it is part of Beyonce’s beginner lessons. (It’s rumored that Beyonce keeps a fan on her at all times.) In “Heart Attack,” Demi Lovato goes back to the basics. Nothing like executing a Bey classic. Demi will move on to the master class soon enough.

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